collection 01

Ron Davis
Bent Vents and Octangular, 1976
collection 02

Morris Louis
Alpha Epsilon, 1961
collection 03

Jules Olitski
Tender Boogus, 1967
collection 04

Frank Stella
Union III from the Irregular Polygon Series, 1966
collection 05

Robert Irwin
Untitled (Dot Painting), 1965
collection 06

Agnes Martin
Untitled #4, 1980
collection 07

Frank Stella
Agua Caliente from the Race Track Series, 1971
collection 08

David Bungay
Untitled, 1959

John McLaughlin
#7, 1966
collection 10

David Trowbridge
Samasu, 1968
collection 11

Joe Goode
Untitled, 1978
collection 12

Robert Moskowitz
Skyline, 1974
collection 13

Larry Poons
Untitled, 1969
collection 14

Tom Wadi
Verde, 1972
collection 15

Jean Fautrier
Nu, 1943
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UCAM Collection
The Utah Contemporary Art Museum is home to some of America's and Europe's finest works of art created since 1943. UCAM currently holds approximately 15 paintings, ranging from masterpieces of abstract expressionism and pop art to recent works by young and emerging artists. Selections from the permanent collection are on view in UCAM's galleries throughout the year.
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